Materials testing laboratories test all concrete, masonry, grout, soils, spray fireproofing, and other materials used in the construction of buildings.  Concrete placed at any building under construction in New York City is required to be tested to ensure it meets the project’s structural design requirements. Concrete testing must be performed by a licensed Concrete Testing Laboratory.
Concrete testing laboratories test the strength and composition of concrete and its components to ensure the concrete meets the standards and requirements outlined in the NYC Building Code. All concrete testing – including field, lab, and sampling testing – must be performed by a lab licensed by the New York City Department of Buildings.

Skylab Materials Testing Laboratory is home to “SKYLAB” an NYC state-of-the-art materials testing laboratory specializing in the testing of high-strength concrete.  High-strength concrete is utilized in many new building developments in NYC and abroad. We provide all concrete, masonry, grout, and mortar testing including permeability, modulus of elasticity, microwave testing, strength testing, and coring.

Our materials testing laboratory coupled with our class 1 special inspection agency makes us an all-inclusive single point of contact for all your inspection and testing needs for your construction project.

We employ registered professional structural, civil, and mechanical engineers. We have vast experience in all aspects of engineering, architecture, and construction. We provide all levels of service from foundations including support of excavation, piles, caissons, to superstructures including structural steel, welding, concrete, masonry, and spray fireproofing, to fit out including mechanical, energy, sprinkler, and fire-stopping.