Vibration Monitoring Services for Landmark Projects

Construction activities, such as pile driving, demolition activities, and the movement of heavy objects can cause severe vibrations. Such vibrations can negatively impact buildings, things, and even people. You can monitor vibrations to prevent those adverse consequences. Vibration monitoring is vital for the success of the construction of a landmark project. It can avoid damage to nearby structures and, if required, prove that your landmark project didn’t cause any severe damage.

Vibration monitoring also prevents damage to fragile structures, like laboratories. You also don’t get complaints from residents about the damages caused by the vibrations. Cracks get more prominent, and other issues arise when the levels are too high, which weaken your building’s structural integrity. As the readings of sensitive equipment, like medical devices, can be inaccurate and thus, you don’t need to use them.

Exposure to high vibration levels can cause physical and mental issues among people. Vibration monitoring services can be a great option to consider if you want to combat these risks when constructing your landmark projects. Here, you will learn its types and how they can help to prevent damage during construction.

Types of Vibration Monitoring

Vibration monitoring is of two types – wireless and manned.

In wireless vibration monitoring, technicians install automated seismographic equipment to monitor the nearby construction area. Such equipment records or reports any increase in vibrations, which cause automatic triggers that are sent to clients directly. Manned vibration monitoring involves an on-site technician monitoring the data accumulated by the seismographic equipment. The certified and trained technicians quickly notify the site engineers/managers of vibrations emitted by instructional activities that can adversely affect nearby structures. Manned vibration monitoring is the perfect option when monitoring tunnels and properties.

These vibration monitoring options work well for construction, excavation, blasting, pile driving, dynamic compaction, remote access, and tunnel/subway projects.

How Vibration Monitoring Can Help You to Avoid Construction Damages

Vibration monitoring can never prevent damages on its own. It is necessary for construction, free of hassles and cracks. You must set up a proper monitoring plan with vibration restrictions depending on certain external factors, such as structure, age, material, and equipment used. To diminish all chances of damage during construction projects, you need to examine the surroundings beforehand to understand the safe level of vibration. You can follow national and global guidelines to find out the safety levels. As soon as the construction project starts, vibration monitoring helps ensure that it doesn’t exceed the benchmarks set earlier. You also need real-time information about the vibration levels in construction vibration monitoring. Such information helps you to stop or modify the construction project before anything gets damaged. Specific vibration monitors come with an alarm lamp that gets turned on to notify exceedances. Some vibration monitors send you notifications via email and messages. No matter your choice, proper planning, monitoring per the precise guidelines, and real-time information are mandatory to successfully finish constructing a landmark project without causing severe nuisances or damages.

This post reflects why and how vibration monitoring services help you in the successful completion of a landmark project. Skylab Materials Testing Laboratory’s fully integrated solution is perfect for monitoring vibrations from the comfort of your home or office. If you have any questions about our vibration monitoring solutions, contact us!

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